The Legacy of Stonehenge

Ancient, enigmatic and massive, this is stately spectacle yet offers a lesson to us all...

How much does Man value knowledge and freedom? If any yardstick answers, it is what he has expended to attain it. What effort has he devoted, what hardships has he endured, how lavish are the resources he has employed in its pursuit?

Stonehenge Visitor Information

Camelot Castle invites you to experience Stonehenge for yourself.

The extraordinary legacy of Stonehenge is both Spiritual, National and Historical. This important monument and national treasure is a glorious testimony to Man's search for truth and the idea and hope that spiritual truth might exist.

Experience the Lightbox

Experience light in a new way and a whole new wave of beauty.

“In all of Cornwall the most beautiful thing that I have seen is the LIGHT BOX at Camelot Castle.” J.M. Zurich

“I cannot believe the sheer beauty and magic of the LIGHT BOX.” D.V. London

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